Why Renting a Boat is More Advantageous Than Buying One

Are you a boating enthusiast and wish to have more blissful water bound experiences? Maybe you are in a dilemma and wish to make a decision on whether to buy or rent a boat. If so, then you are in the right place.


Hopefully, the reasons below from Lake Chelan boat rentals will help you understand why renting is the best route to take.

1. Buying a boat is an expensive affair

A lump sum of money is needed for you to be able to own a boat; even then, the prices are dependent on the type you are interested in. It is no wonder that boats are associated with the wealthy in society and are considered a reserve of the rich.

On the other hand, renting makes it possible for anyone to gain access to boats at a price that is affordable.

2. High maintenance costs

As the owner, it is your sole responsibility to cover fuel, insurance, and service costs so that the boat can function properly. In addition to that towing will mean additional car costs and possible tear for both the boat and car.

However, renting is more carefree because others are responsible for those expenses.

3. Depreciation

Just like other machinery, a boat’s value begins to drop as soon as it used. Therefore, you will have to contend with getting a lower price if you choose to sell it.

When hiring, the satisfaction you will get from going on a trip or adventure is what concerns you.

4. Storage

During the off-season, storage concerns may be a challenge and may be the reason why you are not getting along with those around you. This is because others consider it a nuisance when it takes up free space intended for their use.

On top of that, storing one’s boat in a place that is unsecured may leave it open to theft and vandalism.

However, when you hire you simply take and leave the boat where you found it. You are saved from scratching your head over storage matters.

5. Variety to choose from

Hiring presents an opportunity to pick out a certain type of boat depending on your needs for a particular time. Owning a boat means you are stuck with the same boat unless you choose to buy another one, and that translates to more costs.

Renting also gets you familiarized with how different boats function and in the end makes you more knowledgeable on boats through experience.


When you buy a boat, you can be sure that it will become the biggest consumer of both your time and money. This could adversely affect you financially as you may not be able to make progress in other areas of life. More to that, many of your relationships may suffer due to your neglect.

Therefore, it is my firm belief that you should enjoy the waters but not at the expense of important life matters. By renting, you will be able to balance out your life so that you can enjoy both land and sea.

Written by Frank Wagner